What Type of Wardrobe Doors to Choose for Your Bedroom?

When choosing a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room it is important to take into account different aspects, as they not only have the function of storing clothes, but they must also provide a comfortable space within the same room to access clothes without complications. Also, they should not obstruct movement, and the aesthetic function should complement the rest of the surrounding furniture.


In this article, we want to discuss the different options of wardrobe doors to make the most of your space, and also facilitate your day to day routine. There are so many variations on classic designs it is impossible to list them all here, and there is also the option to get made to measure wardrobe doors to really maximise the use of your wardrobe space.


First, the style

One of the most important elements in a bedroom is the wardrobe, therefore it must be in harmony with the rest of the furniture.


There is a wide variety of natural colours of wood (cherry, oak, acacia, etc.), which never go out of fashion. Even if you like the veins and knots that this material has but prefer to give it another tone, something more contemporary, it can be treated in the process of varnishing with different tints to produce a wide variety of finishes.

If on the other hand, you prefer continuous solid colours, it is as simple as applying a lacquer, something very common nowadays, to obtain the trendy neutral colours such as whites, greys, creams, etc.


Then, there are the “ecological” finishes; either a leatherette that gives a touch of elegance to the room, both in wardrobe doors and decoratively, in handles, or in combination with different finishes such as those that resemble the finish of wood. Nowadays, there are many possibilities that do not involve an extra outlay but provide the warmth of natural materials.


How much opening space do you have?

The type of opening for a wardrobe depends fundamentally on the space you have in the room. It is common to choose between the following options:


  • Common sliding doors with “in-line” opening system

We could say that they are our favourites for several reasons, one of them is that they do not occupy space when opening them since they move comfortably over each other thanks to the guides on which they work.

  • Hinged doors

Probably the most usual and classic system. With doors that open with hinges from 90° to 180°, making opening quick and easy, with a soft closing that does not bump the doors when closing.

But this system occupies the most space. So, it may not be your best option if you do not have a large space. This type of door is very comfortable and convenient for daily use.

  • Folding doors

As the name suggests, these doors fold together, leaving the doors folded to the right, left or both sides depending on the configuration. Depending on the wardrobe space, you will have more or fewer doors.


It is a good option if you want to have an almost complete wardrobe opening, without the obstruction that is involved with a swing (hinged) door. This system will allow you to access your wardrobe and see almost everything at a glance.


Taking into account these aspects, which one would you choose? If you still have doubts about what type of wardrobe fits best in your bedroom, check out some examples to get a better idea of the different styles and options available.



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