Wall Murals: The New Take on the Feature Wall

Having a focal point within any space is essential; not only does it help to draw the eye into a piece of personal expression, but it also helps to secure a theme that has been created within a room.


The home environment creates the perfect opportunity to mix recommended interior design trends with personal style influences, which can help to make an overall area look stylish and individual.

Interior design trends change on a regular basis, but the key looks and trends that are suggested by professionals are done so to help make our own homes the epitome of style and to create environments for us that are fulfilling to the purpose of each area – such as to create a relaxing living area, a comfortable bedroom, or a functional kitchen.


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One of the biggest trends in recent years was the ‘feature wall’ – the idea of having a wall that was a different colour shade from the rest of the room was a huge design idea, and most people incorporated one into their rooms at home. The popularity of the feature wall was staggering and rather than forgetting the trend entirely, it has instead taken on a new meaning.


Murals are the latest spin on the feature wall; rather than having a wall that is painted in one bold, a bright colour, or is decorated with extravagant and attention-grabbing wallpaper, a large image becomes the new focal point of the room. There are so many different designs that can be added to correlate with any theme in a room adding to the ultra modern and super stylish feel, whilst showcasing a form of self-expression in terms of the wall art that is selected.

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Trends will constantly take on a new meaning and have the opportunity to grow and develop as the styles around them change.
Having a little piece of you within the home is essential to make the environment personal, and something that represents the people that live within the home. There is little point in emulating the styles and layouts that are found in magazines, as the feeling and mood which is hoped to be created will be lost and may not be practical and realistic to the space that is being worked with.


Graphic prints are a big trend in terms of both interior design and fashion and are a nod to the 90’s revival, which seems to be taking place within every fashion element. Some of the most stunning photographic images can be turned into wall features as well as any images that you have taken which adds to the idea of having a more personal feel within the home.


Wall murals are far more detailed and expressive than the simple feature walls that have been a preferred design concept for the last few years. They therefore need to be found in a room that is relatively simple in terms of furniture pieces and colour schemes, to ensure the room is not overwhelming. Wall murals are sure to take over the popularity of the feature wall, and will change the way people design and style their living spaces with the added bonus of being able to express themselves and showcase their artistic preferences.

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