Top 6 Myths about Pest Control

Every phenomenon has myths in this world, and the pest control industry is not an exception. People have concluded many things and created false statements or ideas that are misleading people. Facts are stubborn, so here are some of the myths that have been passed generation to generation until they look like facts.

1.      Mice Love Cheese

Who even tested this idea? Mice, as Rove Pest Control experts will tell you, are wild creatures that find their way into homes by mistake. They love foods with high sugar content like dried fruits or peanut butter. Mice cannot love cheese because they grew up in the bush without even tasting anything related to cheese. You will find people using cheese to bait mice. They eat it because there is nothing else to eat not because they love it.

2.      Moles Are Blind

Just because human beings have wide eyes doesn’t mean every creature must have wide eyes to walk around. Moles have eyes, but they only use them to detect light, which means they are not blind. They mostly utilize their senses to get around. Senses are more reliable to them the seeing, so they don’t need to use their eyes to see things for them to move.

3.      Clean Houses Are Pest Free

It is always not the case. You never know the places you, you could pick a bedbug and bring it to your house. Now some pests don’t eat food remains, an example are bedbugs, they feast on people’s blood. No matter how clean your house is, as long as they can suck your blood and fill their stomach, they will always thrive.

4.      Rats Are Dirty

This is one of the common lies people have been telling each other. Rats spend most of their times in holes and sewers but did you know that they use 60 percent of their time to clean themselves. They, in fact, clean one another. No matter how dirty a rat is, you will not see it with mud on its legs or dirt on its mouth. Even where they sleep, they gather clean grass to sleep on. You want to talk about dirty animals, why don’t you consider pigs.

5.      Adult Moths Damage Clothing

Well, you are wrong. If you see the adult Moths, you should even be happy because it is very harmless on your clothes. The culprit is the larvae, that is what can ruin your clothes, but the adult is very innocent. It’s normal, adulthood is always associated with all sorts of wrongdoing and notorious acts, so people are expected to blame adult moth.

6.      Boiling Water Destroys Ants

Pouring boiling water on ants will only kill the ones contacted first when it is still very hot. This means the last ones especially those in colonies will not be affected by the water. You will be doing an ineffective intervention. Also be reminded that bedbugs are not in cheap hotels, even in the five-star hotels, might find them there.

Get your facts perfect before you make a statement. These myths have been repeated many times until people consider them to be facts, well now you know, they are all propaganda.






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