Top 10 Twitter Feeds For New House Hunters

So you’re finally ready to make the plunge and purchase a home of your very own. While having your own personal slice of the American dream can be a fantastic investment and a rewarding experience, it also takes a lot of work and research.

To help this new chapter in your life go smoothly, subscribe to these ten helpful Twitter feeds to get the facts about your new neighborhood upfront.

1) Department Of Housing and Urban Development

It’s the responsibility of the US HUD to help people get into and keep their homes, and their Twitter feed is filled with resources that should interest homeowners-to-be. Follow them to learn about how the government is assisting homeowners.

2) Zillow

Zillow is a service that provides massive database of real estate information. Their Twitter account gives you everything from home buying tips, home decorating tips, and useful info on homeowners insurance.

3) Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is best known as a background check service, but they also maintain an easy-to-use database of sex offenders. By viewing their maps, you can know which neighborhoods are crawling with sexual criminals and which are safe for your family. Follow them on Twitter to get their latest updates.

4) Great Schools

If you have children (or plan on having children) you’re going to want to research schools. Great Schools is one the best resources for parents who want to know how certain schools fare compared to others. Follow them on Twitter to read their updates and tips on getting the most out of your child’s education.

5) Home Buying Institute

Buying a home is complex, and the Home Buying Institute works to help make it simpler. They regularly update their Twitter feed with helpful charts, home buying tips, and other information designed to help ease the frazzled nerves of homebuyers.

6) Lending Tree

Ready to take out the biggest loan of your life? The more you understand about how home mortgages work, the more money you could save in the long run. Subscribe to the Twitter feed for Lending Tree to get tons of great information on home loans.

7) is a great one-stop shop for anyone who wants information about the proecess of homebuying. Tweeters who subscribe to their feed get tons of info on hot markets, useful tips, and fun articles about exotic properties.

8) Mortgage News

The mortgage industry is very volatile, and when you understand its twists and turns, you can know when it’s the best time to buy. Subscribe to Mortgage News to get up-to-the-minute news on the latest developments in the mortgage industry.

9) Interior Design

Once you actually get that dream home, you’re going to have to figure out how to decorate it. Subscribe to the Interior Design Twitter feed to start generating ideas now. When you finally move in, you’ll know exactly how to spruce up your new place.

10) Handy Guys

Your place means that leaky faucets, damaged roofs, and broken windows are now your responsibility. Start boning up on the basics of home repair by subscribing to the Handy Guys. They will give you a basic education in home improvement skills that will help you keep your new home well-maintained.

A New Chapter

All this information might sound exhausting to take in, but it will be worth it. You aren’t just buying a home for yourself and your family, you are investing in a place to make a lifetime of memories. Armed with the kind of the information that these Twitter feeds will give you, you can make a home buying decision you know you won’t regret.

George Washbull is a writer from North Hollywood, California. He writes about real estate, social media, and crime.

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