Tips for Saving Energy and Reducing Utility Bills

Tips for Saving Energy and Reducing Utility Bills

With prices increasing all the time, the importance of saving money has become greater.  One of the popular trends that is being recommended and incentivized by the U.S. government is saving money on energy.  The energy that is provided to our homes is a wonderful benefit in our modern times, but it gets more and more costly all the time.  There are several ways to get around these price changes and even save money that you were spending in the past.  Here is a list of some of the most helpful and easy things you can do to save money on your energy bill month to month.


When things are plugged in, they have standby consumptions of energy.  Common things that you should keep your eye out for are things that are plugged in that are not being used.  Things such as cell phone chargers, camera chargers, cordless tools, and other personal gadgets that we charge should not be plugged in when they are not charging anything.  And when you have a bunch of accessories plugged into a power strip, turn the strip off as well as all the other items such as the TV and Blu-ray player.  When the strip is on and has a bunch of stuff plugged into it, it can pull the same amount of energy that a 100 watt light bulb pulls.

Control your temperature

The largest appliance in most homes is the heater and Air conditioner.  Because it is the largest appliance it uses the most energy in a home and must be controlled reasonably.  First things first, the biggest savings you can get instantly is turning your AC up and your heater down.  A good way to slow the usage down is to set your house up for the season.  During the summer time, try to keep as much shade in the home as possible using sun drapes or other window treatments.  In the winter time, try to make use of the sun and allow as much sunlight into your home as possible to help naturally warm the home.

Turn your stuff off

When you are not using something, make sure it is turned off.  Common household items that are left on include fans, lights, radios and TV’s.  By themselves they don’t take up too much energy, but combined over a month and it can add up to $10 a month.  With all the ways that energy adds up, there are several things you can do to lower the bill, that only require you to take some initiative.

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