Three Ways to Removing Scorpions in your Home

Scorpions are the planet’s great survivors. From scorching temperatures to below-freezing conditions, scorpions can thrive in almost any environment. They can survive from six to twelve months without food, and because they’re nocturnal and active at night, they can be hard to trace.

If scorpions happen to get into your house, they can be so dangerous and can harm your family. What makes them hazardous is the venom they carry.

The good news is that by taking preventative measures and using various natural methods including, thorough cleaning of your home, using yellow lights, and so on, you could get rid of these pests from your home. Working with a professional pest control company is, however, the best and surest way to eliminate the scorpions for good.

This article will discuss the ways to get rid of the scorpions from your house.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic liquid produced through fermentation, and it comes from different plants such as grapes, corns, apples, rice, and barley. It contains strong acetic acid which scorpions are sensitive to.

To repel scorpions from your house, mix a solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray the areas where you regularly see the scorpions, along with traces to their hiding places.  The solution will disrupt the scorpion’s nervous system, eventually killing them.

Hire a professional exterminator

A professional exterminator specializes in getting rid of any insects and pests on the inside and outside of a home or business. If you are ready to purchase pest control for scorpions in your home, you should be prepared to select the type of company and their program features to meet your exact needs.

You should know, when you hire responsible pest control companies, they probably take two approaches to scorpion activities in your home, including preventative and reactive scorpion control.

  • Preventative scorpion control is one of the pest control company’s services which takes place to stops an infestation before it happens. The maintenance programs are offered quarterly and annually of which includes coverage for scorpions.
  • Reactive scorpion control is also another service provided by pest control companies. It eliminates all the existing scorpions. Different companies cover different types of scorpions, so make sure you explain in detail the kind of scorpion that you see to ensure that the technician can perform the service effectively.

Do thorough cleaning

Cleaning up your surroundings will go a long way. Get rid of piles of wood, rocks, debris, or trash around your home. Remove anything that scorpions might find a perfect shelter, including some kids’ toys.

Clean the floor of your house and leave no place where scorpions might find suitable for hiding such as loose papers, magazines, or dirty and wet laundry piled on the floor.

Clear out your basement, and tidy all closets and cabinets as well. Scorpions love hiding in shoes and clothes which you do not use regularly. Furthermore, cats are the best predators, so if you’ve entertained the idea of adopting one before, now might be a good time to go through with it.



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