Selling Your Home: Make the First Impression Count

When you’re wanting to get the best price for your home, there’s only so much the realtor can do when the front of the property has seen better days. First impressions are difficult to overcome when they’re bad, even for the best realtors in the business. You need to have a keen eye for detail, put yourself into the mind of a buyer and consider what another person sees when they first arrive outside the property.

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Here are a few suggestions for how to make a better first impression.

Deliberate Landscaping

When you have a front yard and garden area that is ripe for some effective landscaping, consider putting some work into this area. While the prospective homeowner might not have the same inclination to put that much time in, it’s bound to put them in a positive frame of mind when entering your home for the first time.

Trim bushes down to an acceptable size so they don’t appear overgrown and tend to a tree branch that is overhanging and needs managing. Add some plants if your garden area is looking sparse, or if there’s no garden, then look for a couple of hanging flower baskets to position near the door.

A Different Kind of Pathway

Other properties probably have uneven concrete slabs or an ugly pathway surface that’s functional but unattractive. With granite gravel, you’re getting a mixture of quarry rock and other materials that have decomposed naturally developing a lovely mix of dozens of colors blending easily together. The mixed color tones fit in easily with different home frontage because no single color stands out distinctly. The path is dog friendly and functional for low-traffic pathways and walkways around the home.

Seating Areas

Whether you have a porch, or you can create a covered seating area to sit outside, it always looks good to people who enjoy relaxing in the sun during weekend afternoons. Front seating areas suit larger homes with extensive driveways, but it depends how the property is laid out whether this is feasible for your home or not.

With an existing porch, give it the once over to see whether it needs a new coat of paint inside or outside, if the furniture has seen better days (the cushions could be replaced while keeping the furniture to save money) or if the lighting fixture is good enough.

Clean Walls

Does the house need to be professionally cleaned on the outside to bring out its natural color? Is it time to repaint the exterior front and back if it’s beyond improving with a cleaning service? Take a look at how the house appears and consider whether a change of color would be a smart move to contrast with predominant colors on the exterior.

When wanting to get the best price for your home, usually the realtor will have some suggestions based on their experience of what features help sell homes for a higher price. Listen carefully and don’t be afraid to spend some money to make necessary improvements.

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