Muuto – innovative design with the Scandinavian design focus in mind

Muuto was chosen as the name for this Danish design company since the word was derived from the finish word ”muutos” which basically means ”new perspective”. The new perspective is everything that Muuto is about. The reason that Muuto was started in the first place was to continue to develop new Scandinavian design and preserve the design tradition in general. The main focus of the designers of Muuto is to create Scandinavian design with a great portion of creativity.

The company has increasingly become more and more popular and can now be found in over 80 different countries. The secret behind the great success it that the focus is on the Scandinavian design tradition but with enduring aesthetics, functionality and craftmanship mixt with an honest and simple expression. But do not mistake the simple expression for not being carefully created – because the expression of the design by Muuto is that it is carefully developed and designed to keep that unique Scandinavian style.

Muuto has designed many different popular works throughout the years, such as the tables, chairs, lamps and hangers called ”The dots” to name a few. Muuto has pretty much designed everything needed to complete a home by making it more characteristic.

When you buy a product created by Muuto, you are buying a product of extremely high quality since this is a main factor of the designers behind the company Muuto. Therefore, the designers behind Muuto, is handpicked so the purpose and meaning behind the company’s idea is not lost. The designers are free to express their individualistic history through their design.

With design from Muuto, you will put a unique and timeless touch in the environment of your choice. With functionality being one of the leading words of the design, the design by Muuto can be used in every room. It is only your imagination that will put an end to where your Muuto design should be displayed.

At you can find Muuto design. has a great variety of lamps from Muuto, so you can have the chance to have your own Muuto design in your home or at your company.

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