Live green to save the planet and your money

The article talks about ways to decorate your house that are both environmentally friendly and money saving. It will also cover some energy saving improvements and alternative energy sources as well as getting furniture and other home items that are good for the planet where possible.

Everyone wants to try and do their bit to help the environment, but sometimes it can be difficult to find quality products and decorating ideas that are both environmentally friendly and affordable. There are a whole range of ways that you can use products that are good for the planet to decorate and run your home, many of which will save you money at the same time as being good for your carbon footprint.

Shop responsibly

Everyone knows that some retailers are more responsible about sourcing their products and materials than others; the problem is that this may come with a higher price tag. If you are buying wooden products such as bed side cabinets you can help by choosing ones that are from a sustainable source which means that the trees are replaced and well managed as they are harvested. This is really important to stop the destruction of rainforests and although you will pay a little more you will get a high quality product that will last you for many years, as well as a clear conscience. Research companies before you make a large purchase to check their policy on sustainable suppliers; you can also look out for fair trade goods which means that the original producer of the product who is often in a foreign country will get paid a fair price for their product.

Save energy

The quickest way to save energy is to reduce heating and electricity costs in your home which will save you money as well as being good for the planet. There are lots of grants available to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home; simply search for them online or speak to your local council. Replacing old or damaged windows or any that are not double glazed will keep heat in and fitting draft excluders on doors and letterboxes will do the same. If you can’t replace all your windows in one go, then hang thick curtains to help keep the heat in. Make sure that your loft is properly insulated, you can easily add insulation yourself if it is not, just take care to follow the instructions as some loft insulation can be harmful. Just doing a few things to help reduce your heating bills will have money and the planet.

Doing your bit to reduce your global footprint and help the planet can also save you money in the long run and if you choose to go for a brisk walk or do some vigorous cleaning to warm up rather than turning up the thermostat you’ll be keeping yourself fit and healthy as well as saving money.


Molly Turner is an interior designer and tries to source the furniture and fittings that she uses in a responsible manner; when it comes to choosing from huge collections of bed side cabinets she will always go for a fair trade or sustainable source if possible.

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