How to Make Your Bathroom Your Own Private Spa

Here are a few tips on how you could make your bathroom your own private spa. Pre-warning: after you’ve done these tricks, you might find it hard to leave!

Upgrade Your Shower

One way you can make your bathroom feel more spa-like is by installing a frameless shower screen. This will allow you to walk into the shower and enjoy a de facto sauna. It’ll also look a lot better than a plastic shower curtain. The broad entry way into a walk-in shower isn’t just accessible, it gives you room to maneuver, whether you use the extra space for doing skin treatments or shaving. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you may want to consider replacing it with a larger walk-in shower. You might even have room for a double showerhead.

Bring in a Bathroom Caddy

A bathroom caddy is a great way to make the bathroom feel more like a spa, assuming you have a bathtub that can accommodate it. You can do more than eat and drink while soaking in the tub. You could read or perform your beauty regimen. If this doesn’t suit you, put a full-length shelf next to the bathtub. Then you can store items on a stable shelf instead of trying to find a home for them. If the shelf is fireproof, this could be a place to put romantic candles or burn incense.

Cater to All the Senses

Sinking into a tub full of hot water is relaxing. But catering to the other senses can add to the experience. This is why putting aromatherapy dispensers in the bathroom or speakers in a cool, dry place is considered a touch of luxury. A side benefit of adding scent dispensers is that it reduces the need to clean up from any candle wax, essential oils or herbal bath bombs. Alternatively, you could add greenery that looks and smells good in the bathroom. Just make sure the plant will thrive in that environment.

Add Gilding

Minimalist design includes neutral coloured floors, fixtures, walls and hardware. If you want a spa-like atmosphere, add a touch of luxury via gilding. For example, you could try a mirror with gold borders instead of just a frameless mirror. Don’t forget the matching water faucets and drawer handles. Replace the steel gray or cheap brass towel rack with a matching material.

Streamline Your Storage

Your bathroom won’t feel like a luxurious spa if your bathroom is cluttered with various items. But you need to put your stuff somewhere. The solution is to streamline your storage. Install broad shelves that won’t look cluttered when you store your items on them. Hide items like dirty towels in wicker laundry baskets, while clean towels are neatly folded on the shelf or sit on a towel stand.

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