How to Keep your Teak Indoor Furniture at its Best

Comfortable, durable and high quality furniture is very essential to every living space, as important as the role of visual appearance in making every house a welcoming home. Despite the fact that the design and overall make of furniture plays a key role in radiating a pleasant aura in a house, its functionality and durability should never be compromised. Choosing the right furniture like a sofa for your home will not solely depend on your preference of style and overall functionality. The size of your family or your house also plays an important factor in determining which you would go for when shopping for one in a furniture store.

Teak furniture is the newest style when it comes to the indoor furniture business. Teak is used to make furniture, boats, and other things. Teak is used for outdoor and indoor furniture because of its natural durability in extreme weather conditions. Being more expensive than most other woods, teak furniture has become something of a status symbol. Not only is it common to see teak benches, chairs, or tables, Teak is also known for its sturdy quality which can last the test of time if properly taken care of. If you haven’t decided yet which teak sofa is best for your home, take time to explore some sofa buying tips and suggestions. You can browse a couple of magazines, click through some furniture websites or simply pay a visit to your favourite furniture store and look for the best designs and colour.

Maintaining your Indoor Teak Furniture

Teak furniture doesn’t require any special care when it comes to maintenance. A simple cleaning procedure can help to maintain your sofa’s quality and durability. To help, here are some tips to keep in mind when maintaining your sofa.

1. Cleaning – Before coating, it is necessary that your teak wood is completely clean. The best way to do this is through the use of a very soft cloth or brush with warm mildly soapy water. Avoid using high pressure hoses, steel wool or wire brushes as these can damage the furniture

2. Sealing (optional) – The purpose of sealing is to prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating the wood while sealing in natural oils and resins. However, for old teak wood, these natural oils might have been already lost. As such, it is necessary to revive the oil content through the use of teak oil.

To properly do it, follow these simple steps:

a. Clean and bleach the wood to an even colour.

b. Apply teak oil until the wood can no longer absorb any more.

c. Let the resins dry for about 2 weeks.

d. After which,  wash the wood and let it dry completely.

e. Apply the sealer only when you are done removing all surface oils. This is because sealers will only attach to oil-free surfaces.

3. Varnishing – This is the best way to protect your teak furniture. Varnished wood will not dry up, rot or even absorb pollution and spills. (However, do take care to wipe up any spills as soon as possible.)

4. Natural Maintenance – Through time, indoor teak furniture will have a darker shade of brown colour. This process could take six months to one year.

Teak sofa designs and styles that fit any lifestyle

A Sofa is defined as a piece that provides an upholstered seating experience for more than one person. ‘Couch’ or ‘loveseats’ are some of the other terms used. Teak sofa styles may vary depending on the customer’s preferences – some customers love modern designs, others like traditional, Scandinavian or Victorian designs. With the wide array of styles and designs that are available in the market today, customers won’t have a hard time finding a finish that could match the theme that they’re trying to create in their living space. A touch of vintage sofa furniture, infused with color can create a warm “lived in” feeling for an active family’s new home. Some like it in modern designs: mixing and matching neutral colors can bring out the feel of living in the city. Try some eclectic – a combination of broad colors and peculiar structures to complete sofa setting.

Cheryl Lim works at Scanteak – a renowned brand that sells beautifully designed and lasting teak furniture in Singapore and around the world.  At Scanteak, we pride ourselves on 39 years of crafting Teak, a prized tropical hardwood, into furniture of timeless, classic designs. Our Scandinavian ideology maintains that furniture should complement our lifestyles, so that we’ll always have time for the things that truly matter – friends, family, and feeling at home.

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