How To Improve The Security Of A Multi-Vehicle Property

Recent crime statistics released in the media show that burglary rates are set to soar in the UK this year. Meanwhile in the US, the area with the highest burglary rates sat at 830 burglary incidents per 100,000 people. For vehicle theft alone the rate sat at over 230 cases per 100,000 people in the US.


For all properties, burglary is a real risk and worry, however, there is one thing that makes a property more likely to be targeted, and that is having multiple vehicles at the property. Having more than one vehicle puts your property in a different bracket of value. A household that can afford two cars, can afford other things, other things that may be kept inside the house. The vehicles alone will prove an inviting theft opportunity for any thief, as a stolen car can fetch a good amount of money resold illegally.

If you do want to improve the security of a multiple vehicle property, you don’t have to reduce the amount of vehicles you own, don’t worry. There are plenty of things you can do to improve the security of the entire property, keeping everything as safe as possible, including your vehicles.

Improve The Security Of Your Garage

As homes are becoming more secure, sheds and garages are becoming easy targets for those targeting your property for theft. Make that a multi-vehicle garage and the building is very inviting for those looking to steal from you.

At the very least, the garage door should be kept shut at all times, and if you do open it, keep the time it is open and everything in there is on view, to a minimum as you never know who is sizing up your goods.

If your garage door is worn and is tricky to close properly, consider investing in a new garage door to optimise security. It is also a great idea to:

  • Make sure the locks work, or fit better locks
  • Fit a garage alarm
  • Add some security lighting both inside and outside the garage
  • Add additional window locks and double glazing to single glazed windows
  • Consider additional security inside the garage like locked boxes to store tools
  • Use a secure bunded fuel tank to store fuel as thieves will also target a garage to steal fuel, especially as its price increases

Could You Gate Your Property?

Did you know that adding a gate to your property can add up to $50,000 dollars onto its value? This is for many reasons, including the fact it makes a property seem more prestigious, it adds curb appeal and it helps to keep pets and children safe. Most importantly though, it increases your property security. A gate is a straightforward physical block to thieves and may visually deter less ambitious burglars. Automated gates are a great idea for houses with multiple vehicles.

You’re Being Watched

Security lighting can work as a good nighttime deterrent and may put some burglars off proceeding further onto your property. Placing it by your doorways and by the garage is a really great idea. You could even place security lighting by your gate to set the tone from the very start of your property. Crime prevention agencies recommend using security lighting in conjunction with some sort of CCTV for maximum effectiveness. A fake camera could even work, as the idea of the light is to let the burglar know they might be seen. So the light and the camera together give that impression of being ‘caught out’ even if you only have a fake camera installed. A burglar isn’t going to wait around to see if the camera is real!

Increase The Security Of The Vehicles

If your burglar is persistent and manages to get to your vehicles, there are still things you can do to help prevent your vehicles being stolen. According to the RAC vehicle theft has risen 30% in the last 3 years alone, and that could be because homes are more secure now, so vehicles and external building contents are becoming targets. To make your vehicles more secure, try to:

Park Securely

It is possible that with multiple vehicles you may not have room in your garage for all of them, or any of them. If you are forced to use on-street parking, choose a well-lit area and avoid dark corners or cul-de-sacs.

Use An Immobiliser

Immobilisers are devices used to prevent different elements of the vehicle from working. Some systems are costly but, matched against the cost of your car, they are likely to be a worthy investment.

Take The Temptation Away

A person may be in your garage to steal tools and anything they can grab, and your vehicle may not be the target. However, the items in your vehicle will provide a reason to break in if they are on show. Bags, clothing, electrical items and sports equipment are all popular items to steal. Keep those items away from the car or covered, and have your glove box open so thieves can see there is nothing to steal.

Add A Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock will can help to deter burglars who may want to steal your vehicle. You can also get handbrake locks and gear locks to add even more security to your vehicle.

Fit An Additional Alarm

You may wish to fit extra alarms to you vehicles as well as their factory fitted alarm. There are alarms that send alerts to your phone which is handy for helping you in tending to the vehicle as soon as somebody attempts a break in. The additional alarm should also act as an extra noise deterrent.

You Can Improve The Security Of Your Multi-Vehicle Property

With the points above, and additional measures unique to your property or business, you can improve the security of your multi-vehicle property. It may take some investment of time, money and effort, but the result will be a much more secure multi-vehicle home bringing you something that is entirely priceless: peace of mind.

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