Green Technology- An Overview

greenAs the name suggests, green technology is something that has been designed in order to achieve a great, wider as well as a green purpose. In other words, green technology takes in to account the long-term or short term, good or bad impacts that a technology might have on the mother earth or more specifically the environment. The green inventions are usually the ones that revolve around the health and safety concerns, recycling, energy efficiency, renewable resources and other matters of environmental concerns. The twenty first century witnessed some drastic and considerable quick changes in the technology world. From the growing of medical transcription companies in the early twentieth century till the modern day invention of green technology, the world has seen a shift in the environmental needs. Keeping in view the current climatic and devastating threats to both the environment as well as the energy resources, almost everyone today is doing their bit to contribute towards the betterment of the environmental conditions. No wonder the “go green” campaign has recently emerged as a hot lifestyle trend indeed.

Green technology Examples

  • One of the most common as well as the best examples under the green technology is the solar cell. A solar cell is basically employed to convert the light energy directly to electrical energy. The process that comes in to the picture for this form of energy conversion is known as photovoltaic. When we try to generate electrical energy from the solar energy, then this clearly means that there is almost zero consumption of the fossil fuels that are already on the verge of extinction. In addition to saving the fossil fuels, the usage of fossil fuels also contributes to the overall reduction of greenhouse emission gases as well as all forms of pollution.
  • Another common yet simple example for the green technology can be the reusable and recycled water bottles. Well many people will agree with the fact that one should drink a lot of water on everyday basis for the mental and physical well-being. However, this does also directly points to the more usage of water bottles which have been greatly contributing towards the plastic waste. Everyone is aware of the environmental hazards the non- biodegradable plastic waste can create, as it is not disposable and does not degrade unlike other biodegradable materials. Therefore, the green solution or alternative to this problem is to reuse the water bottles for refilling the water.

The inventors and green thinking

There is no denying  the fact that the world contains a limited amount of natural resources, maximum of which are currently ruined or almost depleted. For instance, the household electronics as well as the batteries often contain a lot of hazardous chemicals, which not only tend to pollute the usual groundwater after their disposal but also contaminate the soil. Such a form of contamination is a deeper and complex one and hence it is almost close to impossible to retrieve back the clean soil or water. This further tends to impact the growth of food crops and the supply of the normal drinking water. It is therefore not wrong to admit that the human health is already at a great risk.

Go green for your profit if not for the love of nature

Green technology is not only beneficial as well as favorable to the mother earth and the environment in general but it also suits your pocket. After the medical transcription companies, researchers and inventors have predicted the inventions of clean and green technology to be a flourishing business. Consumers switching to green technology will have much reduced energy bills.

Author bio:

Stella Anthony Toppo is a medical researcher and writer. Her current research focuses on benefits of employing green technology in the medical sector. Her recently published paper concerned the growth of medical transcription companies in the recent years.