Great Gift Ideas for that Earthy Friend

Everyone has that one friend that is super hard to shop for. You know, the one who only goes for “all natural” this and “organic” that. Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays can become a hassle for the simple fact that you just can’t find the perfect gift. Luckily, there are many great and unique gift ideas to please even the pickiest of your earth-oriented friends. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune due to the many affordable options that are available. With a little thought and creativity, you will be gifting superb presents in no time at all.

Just a few, affordable gift ideas that your free-spirited friends will love include:  

  • Picture frames— Whether you buy them or simply make them yourself, picture frames are always a wonderful gift. Filling the frames with pictures of you and your friends is an even better idea. They’ll appreciate the genuine thoughtfulness and love reminiscing about all of the wonderful times you have shared together.
  • Candles— It’s hard to go wrong with candles. If you know your friend’s favorite scent, or scents, choose candles that either smell similar, or complement them. You can even try making your own candles and gifting them to friends and family so that you can specifically personalize them for each person.

 photo candles_zpsacb58c0e.jpg

  • Plants— Plants are a wonderful way to decorate as well as create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Your environmentally minded friends will especially value receiving a plant as a gift. To make your gift even more unique and sincere, try crafting a pot yourself. You can do so completely from scratch by visiting a pottery shop and making one from clay, or simply painting or decorating a pot of your liking.
  • Anything vintage— Hand-me-downs like records, vintage jewelry and t-shirts are most likely favorites of your earthy friends. And the older the item, the better. Hit up your local thrift shops to find some neat knick-knacks that won’t drain your bank account.  Another great place to find handmade jewelry is
  • Artwork— Pictures, paintings, and other household decorations are a perfect gift for college-aged friends who move frequently. You can either try looking in various stores for items your friends will like, or of course make these items yourself. This will allow you to save even more money while also providing your friend with a one of a kind gift. You could also make art with your friend by registering for one of those BYOB evening art classes. Sites like Living Social run deals on them pretty often.
  • A new vaporizer— Not only is a vaporizer a fantastic gift idea in general, but these devices have many other benefits. They are particularly ideal for friends who may be trying to kick their cigarette smoking habit. Vaporizers are also a great way to relax and leave the stress of the day behind. Devices like the Pax Vaporizer by Ploom are perfectly portable and enable users to choose which flavor, or flavors, of tobacco they would like to taste. For more info on Pax Vaporizers, you can visit this site.

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom photo pax_vaporizer_by_ploom_zps51034cd3.jpeg

  • A hammock— Comfy and fun, hammocks have been an outdoor seating favorite for generations. Your friend will be able to kick back and relax while enjoying the outdoors, anywhere. And these days, hammocks come in all sorts of cool, different styles. Chair hammocks, stand alone hammocks, and traditional hammocks can be shopped for online, or can be found in many stores.
  • A spontaneous trip— What’s more fun than loading up the car and taking off for an exciting weekend full of fun and adventure. Even if you don’t have a set destination in mind, just hit the road and see where it takes you. You’ll be able to spend quality time with your loved ones while making great, long lasting memories.
  • Anything hemp— Hemp products are not only eco friendly but they come in almost any shape or form. From clothing to jewelry to candles, you will be able to find hemp products in almost any store. Even better, hemp products are pretty inexpensive for those who may be on a tight budget.
  • A hookah and shisha— Hookahs are super Zen and relaxing, and with the multitude of shisha brands available for purchase, you can find all of your favorite flavors, or mix them to make your own. Hookahs come in all different kinds of unique shapes, colors, and sizes enabling you to find a hookah that matches your friend perfectly.

 photo Hookah_Shisha_zps3ed6b4a7.jpg

While going shopping for presents can be nice and is the typical way of choosing gifts for our family and friends, there is nothing like quality time spent with them and real effort put into the gifts you select or make. Items that have sentimental value don’t always have to be expensive and are far more memorable and precious than anything else you can give.

Jason Buckenheim is a college student that is currently studying for his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree. His hobbies include holistic healing, meditation and Aromatherapy.

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