Essential items for a well-equipped concrete garage

A concrete garage can be so much more than a storage place for your car and your clutter of unwanted items– so why not let it be? A well-equipped garage can make your trusty storage area a much more enjoyable and safer place.

Don’t believe us? We’ve created our top tips which will undoubtedly raise your concrete garage’s reputation as being one of the best in your neighbourhood:

  1. Quality Lighting: Perhaps one of the most essential items needed in a concrete garage, good lighting is a must if you are working on any DIY projects – whether that’s in the garage or if you are just looking for some of your trusty tools! Aside from lighting on the ceiling of your garage, it could also be a good consideration to install lights around the garage, as well as having portable lights such as a torch readily available in case of a power cut.
  2. Wall Storage: Generally, concrete garages aren’t the biggest spaces in the world, and it is for that reason that you must make full use of the space. A good way to do this is by using wall storage in the form of cabinets to help hide away all of your clutter. Another good option for wall storage is the use of shelves, they are the perfect solution for storing those items that you want to keep out of the reach of children, such as paints and solvents.
  3. Hooks and brackets: To store all of your garden tools and equipment, as well as ladders, use garage hooks and brackets. These will definitely make your concrete garage less cluttered, and will give you more space on the ground.
  4. Flooring: What can really make your concrete garage stand out from the crowd is the installation of some decent flooring. It could be an option to look at inter-locking floor tiles, resin floor or even just the use of rugs.
  5. Tool Holders: Let’s be honest, the garage is the place where we store all of our tools for our DIY hobbies, gardening aspirations and other crafts. But with all of these coming with a number of tools with everything from the hammer to the spade, they need to be stored effectively. The best way to do this is with a tool holder, which can be hung on the wall for more space.
  6. The Workbench: No well-equipped garage would be complete without a workbench, the ideal space for all of your DIY projects, and the ultimate cool edition. Workbenches vary from store to store, but we recommend you get one that folds down, to utilise your space better.

We can guarantee that if you follow these six steps then your concrete garage will be transformed from the bog-standard storage unit to an enjoyable and spacious area you will be proud to say is a room in your home. So what are you waiting for? Start kitting out your garage now!

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