Eco Friendly Landscaping Tips for Instant Curb Appeal

In today’s housing market, the one thing you will need to pay special attention to is detail in curb appeal. Although the look of your home from the outside has always been a major factor in getting homebuyers in the door to actually look at your home, it is more important than ever before to give visuals that are natural with an eco-friendly front yard curb appeal. An increasing number of people are looking to reduce the impact they have on the ecology and these will often be the homebuyer of today; Millennials. Here are a few tips on defining your home as eco-friendly from their very first view as they approach from the street.

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Sustainable Landscaping

There are a number of ways in which to improve upon your current landscaping so that you can highlight your interest in the ecosystem. Sustainable landscaping would include such things as a reduction in the amount of grass and replacing a part of your lawn or garden with hardscaping. It takes little to no water to keep a hardscape lovely, the only amount typically used would be the times you wash the surface and furniture. Any fountains you use should be solar powered and the rain water you harvested should be pumped through from a receptacle rather than fresh water flowing through. Some families capture rainwater for this very reason.

Certain plants are also drought resistant. These should be carefully chosen for your front garden and any self-respecting proponent of sustainable living will recognize many of these cultivars. Any ground cover like clover that doesn’t need fertilization is also a nice addition and succulents that can withstand seasonal changed also require little water.

Energy Reduction Through Landscaping

It has been said that you only need two or three nice shade trees to save at least $200 a year on the cost of electricity, but it isn’t cost that is really concerning to today’s homebuyer. Many are looking at the impact your home has on the environment and obviously lower energy usage equates to an eco-friendly home.

Trees which have been placed properly, preferably on the south and west of your home will offer up to a 75% reduction in the amount of electricity used to run an HVAC system, and that alone is a tremendous amount of savings to realize. In the winter months, those trees which have shed their leaves also allow the warm sunlight of afternoons to help keep your house comfortable, relying less on heat.

A Focus on Saving Natural Resources

In many parts of the country such as drought-stricken California, water is the most precious of natural resources. Any focus you can place on saving natural resources in your landscaping will almost always add to the curb appeal for the eco-conscious home buyer. Talk to your landscaper about other eco-friendly solutions for your lawn and garden. From using only natural elements to using solar powered landscape lighting, there is much you can do to offer an eco-friendly face to the world. It starts one home at a time.

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