Changes to the Exterior That Will Enhance Your Home’s Visual Appeal

It’s easy to focus on the interior of your home and forget that the exterior is where the real first impressions are made. Driving up and parking alongside the curb or pulling into the driveway as a guest, you notice the surrounding landscaping, the driveway, and the condition of the paintwork on the property. A negative impression can be created before friends, neighbors, or a prospective home buyer even steps inside the property.

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Here are a few changes to the exterior that will create a totally different first impression.

Granite Rock Landscaping

Using large granite rocks to build a wall or to create visually separate areas on your land has visual appeal. The size of the granite boulders may vary from enormous ones to those suitable for rock wall building right down to delicate ones, but the rustic appearance doesn’t change.

For a pond surround, a line of rocks separates the pond from other parts of the garden and helps you to avoid forgetting that it’s there and taking an accidental plunge. A huge rock strategically placed can provide impromptu seating for a minute or be purely decorative. Granite rock is not expensive; there are granite rocks for sale online, making it affordable to get them delivered ready for a landscaper to work with.

Exterior Walls

The paintwork on exterior walls fades over time. While we may have applied a protective layer on the walls to try to prevent this, sooner or later, patches of faded paint become clearly visible. At a certain point, it’s necessary to repaint the house’s exterior to make it look more presentable.

You may not have chosen the color of the walls, to begin with, but when repainting, now is a great time to think about color schemes and what would compliment any window treatments, the roofing, and the mix of colors around the grounds. Don’t choose a color that grabs too much attention, but on the other hand, do pick one that works well with the rest of the exterior. Be sure to paint the side and rear of the house too, as it may not be possible to get more paint of the same hue to complete the task later.


A broken brick will stand out when you are up close. Certainly, at the front of the building, you shouldn’t have any signs of poor maintenance. Bricks can be replaced or the mortar surrounding them that’s deteriorating fast can be carefully removed and a new mixture applied to fix a loose brick. You’ll need some spare bricks, a pair of safety glasses and a chisel to work out any remaining mortar or brick that needs to be removed from a wall. Going slowly is the key to success here.

Obviously, bear in mind that removing one or two bricks temporarily is unlikely to affect the viability of the structural integrity of the wall, but be sure to consider whether removing any bricks will be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional if you feel unsure. Fixing up the brickwork is not that time-consuming or difficult, but a steady hand is needed to complete the task.

Making a select few improvements to the exterior of your home is a good idea for maintenance purposes, but it also raises the attractiveness for any visitors or prospective future buyers too. These are all projects that can be completed on a weekend without needing to take time off from work to get them done.




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