How to Make Your Bathroom Your Own Private Spa

Here are a few tips on how you could make your bathroom your own private spa. Pre-warning: after you’ve done these tricks, you might find it hard to leave! Upgrade Your Shower One way you can make your bathroom feel more spa-like is by installing a frameless shower screen. This will allow you to walk […]

Muuto – innovative design with the Scandinavian design focus in mind

Muuto was chosen as the name for this Danish design company since the word was derived from the finish word ”muutos” which basically means ”new perspective”. The new perspective is everything that Muuto is about. The reason that Muuto was started in the first place was to continue to develop new Scandinavian design and preserve […]

What Type of Wardrobe Doors to Choose for Your Bedroom?

When choosing a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room it is important to take into account different aspects, as they not only have the function of storing clothes, but they must also provide a comfortable space within the same room to access clothes without complications. Also, they should not obstruct movement, and the aesthetic function should […]

How to Redesign Your Shower without a Fuss

Have you ever felt the need to do a little bit of redecorating or redesigning around your bathroom? Those that do can understand how difficult that can be, especially when it comes to redesigning the walls as well as the shower. It not just takes a lot of time and effort, but money as well […]

Choosing the Correct TV Wall Mount for Your Office

Businesses today tend to rely on information above all else, not just to thrive in their respective industries but, more importantly, to survive. Perhaps just as important as the content is the delivery of the aforementioned information. You’ll rarely come across an office that doesn’t have a device that streams informational content in one form […]

Wall Murals: The New Take on the Feature Wall

Having a focal point within any space is essential; not only does it help to draw the eye into a piece of personal expression, but it also helps to secure a theme that has been created within a room.   The home environment creates the perfect opportunity to mix recommended interior design trends with personal […]

5 Ideas To Turn His Bachelor Pad Into A Home For Two

Are you about to get married and move into your fiance’s place? Are you less than pleased with his furniture and home decor? Does his place need your touch? If you need help in turning his bachelor pad into a home fit for two, then follow this quick guide of tips designed to get you […]

How to Keep your Teak Indoor Furniture at its Best

Comfortable, durable and high quality furniture is very essential to every living space, as important as the role of visual appearance in making every house a welcoming home. Despite the fact that the design and overall make of furniture plays a key role in radiating a pleasant aura in a house, its functionality and durability […]