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Louis Poulsen is a Danish producer of lamps. He has given us laps like PH, Collage and Panthella. This amazing producer has helped put Denmark on the map, when it comes to the famous Nordic design. When you read the article, you will get a good look into his talent and hard work with some of the best architects and designers.

Louis Poulsen – you cannot say that name without thinking of the great work he has done with some great people. Louis Poulsen is one of Denmark’s most significant producers of lamps. He has made a small land like Denmark famous for its beautiful esthetic and timeless Nordic design.
When working alongside designers and architects like Vilhelm Lauridzen, Mads Odgaard, Anu Moser, Poul Henningsen and the great Arne Jacobsen, he always has a sense for the detail. The detail that has made him popular and famous around the world and most design interested people know who Louis Poulsen is. Their design collaboration is a big success and they still continuingly make new design collaborations to development the company.

New shapes and colors
All the lamps you can think of, in different shapes, designs and colors.
And these lamps can be yours. All you have to do is follow the
link and then you can choose between lamps like PH, AJ Table or if you are more bold, you can try the Doo-Wop Copper lamp or the Toldbod 120 – this is a bit more modern, but will still fit into every home.

No matter what you are looking for, it is to be found at Louis Poulsen. And to top it all off, you can also buy bulbs and extra parts. If you have problems with the lamps, you can always contact Louis Poulsen and they will find a solution for you.

Classic designs mixed with modern interior

Louis Poulsen is an old design classic, but he is still represented in a lot of home all around the world. The old designer thought with pure lines and practical solutions are very popular among the new generation of design lovers. This is why the lamps are still produced in thousands and in new shapes and colors. The classic PH 5 lamp is now in multiple colors like green and pink that fit the new modern interior.

Louis Poulsen products can be found in prominent projects worldwide with their simple design classics.

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