6 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Contractor

If you have any upcoming construction project, it is important that you hire the right contractor. Your choice will determine the timeline, success, and cost of the project. You also need to ask the right questions from the start and know how the prospective contractor intends to handle your project. This is why it is important that you Interview several contractors and compare their services where possible, before making a final decision. Here are the top questions to ask during the interviews.

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1. Do You have a License and General Liability Insurance?

The contractor must provide the necessary documentation to show that they are licensed to do the type of work needed for your property. You also need proof that they have an insurance cover for any liabilities that may accrue when carrying out the project. The cover protects you from any damages that the contractor or his employees may cause on your property.

2. What is Your Level of Experience?

Construction projects are expensive. You do not want to hire a contractor with little or no experience in handling your type of project. The project may fail or cost you more than you intended to spend. Ask the contractors for a list of past clients or successful projects. A good contractor should be willing to provide that information.

3. Do You have Compensation Insurance for Your Workers?

The general liability insurance is different from workers’ compensation insurance. The latter protects you from liabilities that may result when a worker is injured while completing your project. You need to check if they were cited for common OSHA violations such as respiratory protection, ladder fall protection, and machine guarding violations. Such violations may lead to severe injuries or even death on your property.

4. Will You Hire Subcontractors?

Many contractors hire subcontractors for complex projects. This approach is acceptable, but you need to know the employees who will be on your property and their supervisors. You also need to know the person to contact in case of questions or concerns about the progress of the project. The contractor may require help from other service providers, but they need to be directly involved in supervising the project.

5. When will You Complete the Project?

It is important to work with a realistic timeline from the start. The contractor should give more than the start and finish date. You need a detailed schedule that shows when each activity will start and end. The project may take longer, but a documented timeline keeps the contractor committed to your project.

6. Will You Purchase the Materials?

Your contractor can help you buy materials at discounted prices and this will help you save on the total cost of the project. However, you need to agree on this before the project begins and talk about the quality of the materials. Check the prevailing prices to confirm that the contractor is giving you realistic estimates.


Do not rush the decision to hire a contractor or hesitate to ask any question that comes to mind during the interview. A good contractor should be willing to answer all your questions and reassure you that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.

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