5 Ideas To Turn His Bachelor Pad Into A Home For Two

5 Ideas To Turn His Bachelor Pad Into A Home For TwoAre you about to get married and move into your fiance’s place? Are you less than pleased with his furniture and home decor? Does his place need your touch? If you need help in turning his bachelor pad into a home fit for two, then follow this quick guide of tips designed to get you off on the right track, to keep the peace, and to end up with a home that fits both your styles. Marriage is about compromise, and there is no better time to learn this difficult lesson than when negotiating which furniture stays and which goes. Listen to your fiance’s vision for the home that you will share, and make sure to also invest your opinion and tastes. In the end, these five tips will help you reach your goals for a home designed for two.


Tip #1:


Sit down with your fiance and have a talk about the furniture in his place and the furniture you own. Make a list of your favorite pieces and see if you first can agree on some common items that you both are satisfied with.


Tip #2:


If there is a particular piece of furniture that your fiance is attached to but you are not keen on, then gently open the conversation with a sentence such as: “Love, I know that you really like that Fred Astaire poster in the hallway, but I was wondering if we could put it in a different room. I think my hallway mirror would look better there.” Asking nicely and respecting the other person’s property can go a long way.


Tip #3:


Once you have decided on the furniture that will go, try to sell it to make a little extra cash or donate the furniture to a local charity. Getting it out of your house as quickly as possible will maximize your space.


Tip #4:


If you find that you have pieces that will not fit into your new home but that you do not want to get rid of, then consider renting a Wahiawa HI self storage unit. This is an excellent option for a short time, at least until you both can figure out what furniture you really need or until you move into a larger place. Your items will stay secure in a climate-controlled unit.


Tip #5:


Don’t fight about it. Love each other. The key to a happy place is two people who love each other despite the furniture that surrounds them.

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