5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Creating an energy-efficient home is as easy as can be. There’s lots of options for anyone that wants to get more out of their home and save money while doing it. Listed below are the top five suggestions for energy-efficient living.



Weatherstripping is a highly effective option for stabilizing the temperature of a home. It makes a house stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Weatherstripping needs to be inspected, tested and replaced as necessary. If it isn’t, the money spent on air conditioning and heating will fly right out the window.


Efficiency Light Bulbs

There’s a massive difference between most energy-efficient light bulbs and a traditional light bulb; the average difference is estimated to be just about 75 percent. To put that into perspective, someone with a house full of compact fluorescent light bulbs will only spend $25 for every $100 spent on traditional light bulbs. While compact fluorescent bulbs cost a little bit more than their counterpart, they’re worth every penny.


Washing Clothes with Cold Water

One of the biggest unseen costs in modern living is hot water. The difference between clothes washed in hot water and clothes washed in cool water is fairly negligible. These days, laundry detergents don’t actually need any hot water to activate. Hot water can cause more problems than it solves, and for comparison, a load washed in cool water requires only one-tenth the energy of a load washed in hot water.


Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most interesting pieces of technology in the modern world. The idea that the sun provides us with more power in a day than we have used in human history still does not make sense to the majority of the world. If it’s a sunny day out, most houses can power themselves with a set of high-quality panels. It’s absurd to think that some people are investing in the stock market for a five percent return when they could be averaging so much more with a set of solar panels. Solar panels can be bought or leased on contract, and both of them can almost completely eliminate electric bills. The technology is only getting cheaper and more accessible.


Home Automation

Home automation is fascinating. By installing a central computer system, the lighting, water, temperature, ventilation and more can be controlled from a computer, website or even a smartphone. By having a computer run a home, it can always be mathematically precise and financially efficient. It can always be overridden to the homeowner’s preference, and it will be saving money during the majority of the day. Some home automation systems even come with peaceful alarm clocks and lighting systems that gracefully transition from dim to bright as the day progresses.


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